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BEAUTY POST: Psst… I was carrying around a secret and didn’t even know it

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I just assumed everyone did this… but apparently I had a beauty secret and didn’t even know it.  Over the summer, I was talking with two different girlfriends in two completely different conversations and the topic of getting a facial hair wax came up.  I found out that my girlfriends were still paying good money at the salon for a facial wax.  Now I have never seen a tiny little hair on these beautiful girls little chiny, chin, chins… but I shared with them that I do have that annoying peach fuzz on my face but I just use a little $15 product to rid those little hairs.

I use one of these little trimmers on my face to get rid of that hair that they are spending good hard-earned money (plus tip, I am sure) to wax it away.  Now waxing may last longer, but this doesn’t hurt (I don’t like pain) and it doesn’t leave you red or irritated (like that bill at the salon) and if you forget to schedule that wax appointment, you can use this little baby right before a night out!

Try ULTA, Target or online for this trimmer.  I bet you cancel those wax appointments and take that money and go shopping!

Philips Precision Perfect Trimmer HP6390/50

This one pictured is the Philips Precision Perfect Trimmer and comes with a pair of lighted tweezers.  You may want to leave these in the car for those little black chin hairs that you only see when you check your look in the rear view mirror!

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One thought on “BEAUTY POST: Psst… I was carrying around a secret and didn’t even know it

  1. best little gadget ever!


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